Providing Mental Health Services During COVID-19

A New Way of Serving Our Clients

We are open and continue to provide Bridges' array of services including intake for new referrals seeking treatment, individual and group therapy, medication management, Medication Assisted Treatment and case management services. Rather than traditional methods to provide services, we have adapted to this time by using the technology available to us, as both clients and staff adjust to new ways of meeting and communicating. Our staff have increased support to all clients through phone calls and video meetings to ensure that needs are met.

For many, this method of service delivery works well – as they are able to quickly adapt to these changes. For others, it is hugely challenging to move away from face-to-face contact with their clinician, case manager, doctor, and the support of peers in group meetings and social settings. Our staff are thoughtfully coaching, encouraging and re-assuring these individuals – and are determined to support individuals and families in their treatment and on their recovery journey, despite the uncertainty and stress of these times.

Continuing to Improve Lives of Those with Mental Health or Substance Abuse Challenges

While we are encouraged by the potential for financial aid packages, Bridges – like other agencies that serve the most vulnerable adults, children and families – is experiencing financial hardship due to significant revenue loss through reimbursable services. As a nation and community, we cannot afford to lose any ground in our efforts to meet the mental health, substance abuse and prevention needs of those who rely on the professional and compassionate support Bridges provides.

As this pandemic unfolds this week and beyond, Bridges remains committed to serving our clients and our community as we have for the past 63 years. We are hopeful for new successes. We are learning and changing as we respond to social distancing and other complex issues. We are challenged but will continue to develop and implement creative means to meet our mission. We will continue to improve the quality of life for those impacted by mental health or substance use disorders, and to save lives.

Our 2019 Community Impact Report provides more information on how your support has helped Bridges make a difference in thousands of lives. Thank you for your past and continued support. You are in our thoughts. Stay safe.

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