B-SAFE Project

Bridges Sexual Awareness and Family Empowerment


Teens and young adults (up to age 22), can access confidential prevention, pregnancy and parenting information and resources from Bridges through a community-based program, now known locally as the B-SAFE Project.

The program promotes healthy choices and responsible decision-making, with information and education on sexual and reproductive health,sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy prevention, cyber-bullying, body image, healthy relationships and referrals to relevant community resources.

B-SAFE at Local High Schools

The B-SAFE Project is tackling these problems by offering free prevention and support services to area teens and young adults, where they can most readily access it – in their schools.

B-SAFE has collaborated with area high schools to support their staff and students by placing outreach coordinators onsite. These trained professionals provide a safe and confidential means for students to get accurate information and referrals to appropriate resources related to sexual and reproductive health matters.

B-SAFE also helps young people prevent or manage sexual harassment including cyber-bullying and the consequences of sharing explicit content on social media. The project promotes healthy relationships, body image, responsible decision-making skills.

Prevention and support services are currently offered at Jonathan Law and Joseph Foran High Schools, Platt Vocational School and The Academy in Milford and West Haven High School

Pregnancy, Prenatal Care and Other Support

B-SAFE also provides case management services for pregnant and parenting teens or young adults. Staff offer judgement-free information and support to ensure healthy babies, stable housing and medical care, and completion of educational or vocational training to obtain and maintain employment and become self-reliant.

All services are confidential and can be reached at 203-301-2353 or BSAFE@bridgesmilford.org

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